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This site is set up specifically for you to read and comment on Matrix Resurrected, A Fourth Episode that Expands the Matrix Trilogy. It’s a completely new story and a bit of a mind bender, if I do say so myself. So strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. 

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Here Are a Few Reader Comments to Whet your Appetite:

” …i was quite satisfied by the way the Trilogy ended. And i could not imagine watching another sequel even if it was created by the Wachowski brothers themselves. So when i came across your site, it was with a kinda vengeance that i downloaded the pdf (script)….but no sooner had i gone thru the first 5 pages, i have to admit that i was hooked. ”  Tinu

” As I got half way through, I was expecting to be let down, patiently waiting to pounce on any flaw I could find, but it didn’t happen. I was simply blown away to the end. ” Corry

” This was actually near perfection for me. To be one hundred percent honest… I cannot see how any director would turn down this amazing potential. I can only hope something of such quality gets the attention it deserves.” Aiden

…I believe your screenplay has more potential to reach the screen than any other Matrix continuation. Find a publisher, gain legal advice on retaining adaptive rights to the original material & move forward. With material this good, you can’t fail.” Ben the Believer

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11 thoughts on “Matrix 4 – Resurrected”

  1. The Matrix Revolutions movie left it open for another Sequel. What did the little girl ask the Oracle at the end? Will we ever see him again? The Oracle replied, Oh, I suppose so, in time. Kind of a strange answer for the End of the Trilogy.

  2. Hello Sophia,

    I just finished reading your NEW Matrix 4 e-book. This is a AMAZING work Sophia. BRAVO. Not only is it in tune with the great illuminated masters, the story and how you present the message is outstanding. As a spirit lead person my whole life, this work is right in line with so many levels of spirit. Everything I believe and KNOW within me. You truly are a blessing to humanity.

    Your writing is so expansive; you truly are doing the great work of the Masters in these books. You have been able to take the themes of: consciousness, energy, vibrations, focus, dimensional time, DNA Code etc and weave a WHOLESOME spirit filled message so brilliantly into this newest version of Matrix 4.

    I must say I love that you have written the message “You can self eject from the Matrix anytime you want” WOW. And Somar’s gift of the CODES is simply amazing weaved in this new book.

    I am so sure this next Matrix 4 will create a Hugh awakening of awareness within humanity just as your other books before.

    Your work has inspired me to think greater and more expanded about Soma’s Code gift. I personally see the great value of THE CODE MESSAGE. I cab see this message in chapters unfolding in future related Matrix Series. This opens an enormous door to further the Matrix series.

    Your work does inspires me expand and consider what would be involved for the whole of all beings to AWAKEN the CODES and AWAKEN their own SUPER BEING AS SELF. I know universal energy is present within ALL THINGS and the introduction of Somar’s GIFTS of the Codes would be an awakening to those who do not consider the expansiveness of their own personal consciousness.

    I love that you used the word CODE for The Gifts (Somar). I could understand that one of the first issues for the masses would be to resolve the human personality of self-conflict and self doubt.

    I could images a process of ALL beings being able to tap into and awakening their own Codes or ‘Somar’s Gifs’. I love the seed idea that you are planting that it can be instantly TRIGGERED/ AWAKENED within because to consider that idea awakens those possibilities within all people who consider that possibility.

    Here are some sub-headings that come to my tiny mind that could be explored regarding Sorma’s Codes that I believe could become its own series.

    These are the items that were triggered within me as I read the book. I send to you to chew on.

    Transformation – Somar’s Code – BEING the expanded version of self
    Transformation – POWERS of the FIRST Ascension
    Transformation – The Beginning of Super Normal Power Codes
    Transformation – The Integration of the ONE within the many
    Transformation – The Personality of Power – a New Horizon of Super Being

    I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to read your GREAT WORK… keep it up. Smile.

    Happy Holiday’s
    (Matrix Fan)

  3. I had to stop reading the script as I felt like it would spoil an amazing M4. I can only hope the machines allow your script to be produced. Very impressive. Great job and thanks for sharing this with the World.

  4. The problem i have with Reloaded and Revolutions is Neo becomes an accessory of war and a symbol of hope, which is all expected for a hero like him. But what was interesting about Neo is how his human side coexists with his godly side, the humanity in him seems entirely absent throughout the 2 sequels or only shoehorned in when convenient for the story. He becomes predictable and without any deeper cause than the simple ideals like “peace” or “love”.

    The first movie focused on Neo’s reality and how others viewed him. Which carries on in the sequels very flatly. The sequels focus on the overarching war and bigger philosophic picture of the matrix and as mentioned, Neo is just an accessory to this. Which simply wasn’t as entertaining to watch.

    Neo loses all sense of directive in reloaded and simply waits for oracle to feed him “what he needs to hear”. While in the first matrix, Neo had missions, finding the truth about the matrix, saving Morpheus, making choices. It only repeats in reloaded, finding out the extended truth of the matrix from the the Architect when our original explanation was enough, making the choice to save Trinity and once again proving he is the one when it is known.

    This script I read is more focused on Neo’s story and its going in a much better direction. Although consider some loose ends are better left untied. The bigger plot can feel unnecessarily cumbersome. It is the question that drives us after all. And an observation i have of this script is it pairs questions with answers too regularly.

    1. Sorry I haven’t responded earlier. Yes, I can remove the ip addresses from the word doc, but that will take some time (it’s a BIG file) and I might not get to it for a few weeks.

      thanks for dropping by.

      PD Wood

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