Matrix 4 – Resurrected

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Matrix Resurrected

A Fourth Episode that Expands the Matrix Trilogy.

It’s a completely new story and a bit of a mind bender, if I do say so myself. So strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. 


Here Are a Few Reader Comments to Whet your Appetite:

” …i was quite satisfied by the way the Trilogy ended. And i could not imagine watching another sequel even if it was created by the Wachowski brothers themselves. So when i came across your site, it was with a kinda vengeance that i downloaded the pdf (script)….but no sooner had i gone thru the first 5 pages, i have to admit that i was hooked. ”  Tinu

” As I got half way through, I was expecting to be let down, patiently waiting to pounce on any flaw I could find, but it didn’t happen. I was simply blown away to the end. ” Corry

” This was actually near perfection for me. To be one hundred percent honest… I cannot see how any director would turn down this amazing potential. I can only hope something of such quality gets the attention it deserves.” Aiden

…I believe your screenplay has more potential to reach the screen than any other Matrix continuation. Find a publisher, gain legal advice on retaining adaptive rights to the original material & move forward. With material this good, you can’t fail.” Ben the Believer


From 2007 to 2012 this site (hosted elsewhere) received approximately 770,000 views and generated around 800 thought-provoking comments. Since then, I stopped taking comments because I think I’ve answered every question possible. Those comments and answers are included in this downloadable Word doc.  It’s approximately 209 pages. Yes, 209 pages. I hope you enjoy them.



This website has no intention of infringing on the rights of Warner Brothers Studios, which is the intellectual property holder of ‘The Matrix’ franchise. They retain copyright over their movies, characters, merchandising & script dialogue.

The Matrix Resurrected screenplay (included on this site as a downloadable PDF document) is copyrighted in the U.S. Library of Congress 2007 © P.D. Wood. 

A Fourth Episode that Expands the Matrix Trilogy